"Introduction to the Tumor Microenvironment," a book co-authored by the founder of BioTroy Therapeutics, has been published and distributed

Recently, "Introduction to the Tumor Microenvironment," a book for which Dr. Xu, the founder of BioTroy Therapeutics and National Leading Talent in Scientific and Technological Innovation, served as a member of the editorial committee, was officially published and distributed. The book is edited by Professor Ping Wang, a National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars recipient from Tongji University, and includes contributions from senior experts from institutions like Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The tumor microenvironment is the fundamental theoretical basis for tumor biological therapy. As a primary field involved in the new drug development of BioTroy Therapeutics, research in this area has been rapidly advancing in recent years, necessitating the timely refinement and elevation of knowledge and theory. Therefore, a systematic treatise discussing related theories and advancements will positively promote scientific research and drug development in this field.

The tumor microenvironment refers to a special environment composed of tumor cells, infiltrating inflammatory cells, blood vessels, nutrients, and various growth factors. It is a frontier and important direction in modern tumor biology research, providing a vital theoretical basis for cancer treatment. This book systematically introduces the tumor microenvironment and encompasses recent research progress in the field, aiming to promote the development of personalized and precise cancer treatment.

The book primarily conducts a systematic study of the tumor microenvironment based on national, social, and market demands for precise cancer treatment. It also systematically summarizes and restates interdisciplinary content from biology, materials science, medicine, and clinical studies, serving as a textbook for training a new generation of talent. With a total of 580,000 words, this book stands out from similar works published domestically and internationally due to its emphasis on interdisciplinary characteristics. The discussions strive to be thorough yet accessible, providing a systematic and in-depth introduction to the basic theories of the tumor microenvironment and its implications for drug development, making it both practical and innovative.


Cataloging-in-Publication (CIP) data for the book: ISBN 978-7-5765-0550-4; China National Library CIP Data Approval Number (2022) No. 253191.

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